Cave of Sfendoni

Cave of Sfendoni

The cave of Sfendoni is located in Zoniana village, only 40 kilometers from the Villas Lefkothea.

This is one of the greatest caves of Greece with an area of approximately 3000 sq.m. Inside the cave are large hallways and the ceilings are supported by large pillars created by stalactites and stalagmites.

The first who systematically explored the cave were John and Anna Petrochilou in 1956 and 1963 respectively. Since then the cave was considered to be of special natural interest and the need to be exploited was emerged. In 1987, the Ministry of Culture proceeded to excavations that showed that the cave had been inhabited in the end of the Neolithic Site and was rediscovered by humans only in Roman times.

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I’ve already stayed 2 times at Villas Lefkothea, each time was a very big pleasure. Manousos and his mother are very nice, helpful and gave very good tips about the region!

Neil, Switzerland